The 14th World Nauticat Sailing Regatta 2010

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The 14th World Nauticat Sailing Regatta  

Time and Place: 9-11.7.2010 West port of Mariehamn  N60 05´55  E19 55´24

This included 4 boats from Sweden, headed by the Commoder of Swedish Nauticat club Hasse Weckström. Most boats arrived to Marienhamn on Thursday and board meeting for the club was held. The decisions included division of roles and responsibilities for the regatta as well as location for the next year’s regatta, which will be Airisto. The official program for Regatta started on Friday.  The regatta started with Optari race in favourable weather conditions. The winner was Leena Laiho. The results:

 1.       Leena Laiho

2.       Juha Hyytiäinen

3.       Jussi Laiho

4.       Olavi Miinalainen

5.       Håkan Hermansson

6.       Markku Lindström

7.       Paul Modeen

8.       Jaakko Järvinen


After the optari race the festival flags were raised. 

Regatta program started with a visit to Ålands Lagtinget with our guide Riitta Värelä.The tour included fact and figures about the island’s history, legistlation and autonomy. The group received welcome and greeting from the representative of the city, Folke Sjölund. He gave us a brief presentation of the Alandica cultural center before dinner at hotel Arkipelag.  

On Saturday morning the captains’ meeting decided that the route is the same as previous time at Åland, except that the finish line is at NC- flag line at the harbour. 

At the time of start Silja Galaxy appeared, so the starting time was moved back 15 minutes. Lauretta, Family affair ja Moonstar got the best start. The others sailed in a tight group to the finish, pretty much in the stating order.




Airisto Stormälö,Finland  Koordinat N60 15´100  E22 06´400 

 The 13th Nauticat Sailing Regatta 16.7.-19.7.2009 

The 13th Nauticat Sailing Regatta was organized on the Baltic seashore at Airisto holiday center. The event gathered together 26 boats and 74 participants from Finland, Sweden and UK. Airisto proved to be an excellent choice for a location, catering for all our needs. Especially the SPA with various types of saunas and dipping pools was highly appreciated by the guests. The weather was sunny and pleasant, even we would have wished for a bit more wind on Saturday.  

Thursday July 16th, 2009

Most boats arrived during Thursday the 16th, and stayed at a boardwalk that Nauticat club had reserved and decorated for the event. Due to a slight lack of space most boats were fastened to one another. This made the atmosphere close and the participants got to know each other better. The board had a meeting in the evening to agree on the details of the regatta and other practical arrangements.

Friday July 17th, 2009

Friday July 17th featured a visit to Nordkalk mine. Nordkalk is the leading producer of high quality limestone-based products in Northern Europe. The mine is 70 hectar open mine producing annually 2 million tons of limestone and by products. The bottom of the impressive mine is 115 meters below sea level, while the highest peaks rise high above surface. After the visit the lunch was served in the nautical city of Parainen.  

In the afternoon Nauticat had organized product and company presentations by safety equipment and wearable gear producer Ursuk and decorating firm Ocean Spirit. The evening continued at the SPA with sauna and barbeque at the seashore.


Saturday July 18th, 2009

The day of the Regatta. The rules of the competition were changed so that the boats were divided into two groups: sailing boats and motorized sailing boats. The competition is based on the sailing time and NYS-count. In addition to these rankings, also the overall fastest Nauticat and NC 33 winner will be awarded. 

The competition was terminated after three hours of sailing due to low wind conditions, and the prevailing position was frozen as the final standings. Pekka Niiniranta ja Alioth wan the race both for the fastest boat and based on handicaps for the sailing boats. In motorized sailing boat series the race was really tight, and in the end the first position was tied between Heikki Hedborg’s Heidi and Jussi Laiho’s Hannacat. NC 33-series went to Markku Lindström and Marjut-boat. All crews received a medal for participation, sponsored by Nauticat Oy.  

International flavour was brought by Juha Ahonen and Catisca from Sweden, as well as English boat Condor headed by Mike Scott, which also received a special price at the regatta. After the awards ceremony we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

Warm thanks for all participants, Nauticat Oy and Airisto Strandbolle for the highly successful regatta.


Best Regards,

Commodor  Markku Lindström


Mike Scott, England, NC36 Condor






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